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Title: Syclone bins, doing it right?
Post by: JRoyPDX on October 21, 2017, 02:46:59 pm
Basically, I just purchased a Syclone and it already has a tune of some sort in it along with an Ostrich.

If it's relevant, the truck has a PTE52, Walbro255, injectors look stock, aftermarket fpr.

Today I opened up  TunerRT Pro, dragged in the most recent versions XDF and ADX available for download on here, and then connected to the ostrich and downloaded the data, then saved the file as a bin.  I also tried to use the function that just dumps it to a bin file. It appears that the file that I downloaded and saved looks right and the one I dumped to a bin file is junk data.

So first, looking for confirmation that method 1 was right, method 2 was not.
Second, when I open a bin, it gives me an error message every time that says "could not open settings file" and I'd like some guidance on that.

Bin's attached here for, whatever.

Syclone-original appears to be the one that has normal data in all of the tables.
Title: Re: Syclone bins, doing it right?
Post by: WyoSyclone on October 29, 2017, 03:52:26 pm
I see the one BIN is 4kb in size. You always want to make sure that a saved BIN is 32kb.