Author Topic: Boosted Beretta 59 XDF help  (Read 1923 times)

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Boosted Beretta 59 XDF help
« on: October 26, 2016, 08:17:04 pm »
'90 boosted beretta, 36lb injectors, '7730 ECM running the rare digital dash

Fairly confident in Tunerpro, using V5. Trying to transition from altered stock .bin to 59.
Got a 3 bar map, and a decent idle. The latest XDF, and ADS files.

Okay so the problem im running into is the Digi dash, and the data stream im getting
in Tunerpro. No volt meter, no coolant temp, and the speed/rpm are no where near right
when the car is running. Thats the dash display issue, and the data my ALDL is pulling into
Tunerpro makes no sense. Can audibly hear the RPM's arent correct, off by quite a bit. All
other information displayed on the Tunerpro dashboard is obviously rubbish, its not
"decoded" correctly, flat out wrong.

This is where im having trouble getting straight answers from the forums when coming
to my own conclusions. The XDF is whats telling tunerpro how to "decode" the datastream,
right? So is it a modification needed in my XDF so I can get a good datalog? The false
information being provided renders my ADX useless.

Also, the dash. Is this modifications needed to made within the .bin? If XDF is the "decoder"
for Tunerpro, whats the "decoder" or "variable" needing to be altered on the .bin to get the
info sent to my dash correct? Stick the old .bin back in use with basic injector mods and I get my dash back but it does not like my 3bar.

Sorry for the ramble, and all help provided is EXTREMELY appriciated.