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Which codes do I actually need
« on: June 28, 2018, 06:43:55 pm »
Sorry, I am completely new to this. I have been reading and watching videos but I am struggling to actually identify which files I need. I know I need ADF, XDF and scanner file.

I am not looking to do a whole bunch of tuning because most of it is illegal in our race series. I am simply looking to use it primarily as a diagnostic tool instead of throwing parts at it. I want to see live data, pick up on engine codes, erase engine codes, and turn off some flags based on the environment that we are in. I do not understand the differences in the pro v4 & pro v5, 1.7 lite, auto tuner, etc...

I need someone to be a compass for me. I have a 95 chasis and computer, with a 95 lt1. I have the ALDL cable and turnerpro RT already downloaded and ready to go.

Thanks for all of the help.