Author Topic: 1227748 to 1227749 (pontiac 151 with Quad4 computer) Help with ESC signal coding  (Read 2012 times)

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I completed the conversion a few years ago and have been having a hard time getting the spark timing to work properly, no matter what I did to the tables, it wouldnt change the initial spark load and the way it failed every time. Then, I wasn't able to comprehend the guts of an ECU, let alone read the code involved.
I am proficient enough now to do the soldering and programming needed to fix this; I surmise that what I have to do is change what the computer expects to see In tooth counts from the hall sensor (and maybe what voltage is expected? hopefully the signal is strong enough or I can amplify it)
Can anybody tell me what is next if I want to make this conversion operate correctly? To those of you who know this chipset very well, do I have to remove a  data chip from the motherboard itself? If y'all can just point me in a direction (tell me which chip the code is stored on or even just give me a schematic) I'm sure I can figure the rest out.
Much thanks,Aaron